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An invigorating shower at the end of a long summer’s day. Hygienically clean dishes, fresh out of the dishwasher. Clean clothes for the kids. It’s easy to forget how much we rely on hot water for the very basics…until it’s no longer there!

Hot water problems are more than just an inconvenience and in our busy lives can severely disrupt a household.

Hot water systems are notoriously intricate, and there’s a lot that can go wrong. The good news is that it’s often just a small fix required to make the whole hot water heater function efficiently again.

Regardless of the make and model of your hot water system, DCM Plumbing Gold Coast can repair or replace a unit to keep your hot water running uninterrupted throughout all seasons.

We supply and install both electric, gas & heat pump hot water systems and can work with your preferred supplier to maintain your existing hot water system.

And if the hot water fails which, let’s face it, nobody can plan for; we will be there the same day providing a high quality and competitively-priced Gold Coast repair service.

Electric Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

Aquamax electric hot water units
Aquamax electric hot water units

We have been providing hot water system installations for many years. We install Aquamax vitreous enamel electric hot water units as our recommended brand. However we can install any brand of

electric hot water system according to your preference.  Aquamax hot water systems come with a 10 year cylinder warranty.

The most common brands for electric hot water systems are Rheem, Dux and Vulcan.

Fixed price guaranteed

To give you financial peace of mind, we offer upfront pricing for all hot water maintenance and repairs.  

Services include:

  • Hot water service and maintenance
  • Repair of electric and gas hot water systems
  • Hot water system replacement
  • Diagnose the cause of brown water coming from the hot tap
  • Salvage the hot water unit where possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hot water system cost?

Prices start at approximately $1350 for a newly installed hot water unit.

How do we replace an old hot water unit?

To replace an old hot water unit, they need to be disconnected from the electricity and cold water supply and then drained down.  The copper piping is then removed and the tank scrapped.

AS3500 Plumbing Standards

When a new hot water unit is installed it has to be brought up to current AS3500 Plumbing Standards & local Council standards.  This will mean installing the new hot water unit with a new tempering valve which restricts the temperature of the hot water from the unit to 50 degrees C, thereby eliminating scolding hazards.  A cold water expansion valve which drips cold water instead of hot water when expansion occurs, reducing hot water waste and reducing energy bills.  A 500KPA pressure limiting valve which limits excessive water pressure going into the unit and therefore aiding in the longevity of the unit itself, an isolation valve which will turn off the flow of cold water to the unit if there is a leak or maintenance is required.  A temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR) which will release a small amount of hot water on each heat up cycle during normal expansion.  All of these valves are piped up with new copper and fittings to the new hot water unit and then lagged to avoid heat loss as the hot water travels to the taps.  The two overflow pipes must be run to either stormwater or sewer pipes so that they don’t discharge onto the ground which may attract termites or cause a trip hazard.

How often should the valves be replaced?

Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve Maintenance
Regular hot water unit maimtenance

The valves should be replaced every 5 years.  The TPR valve should

also be lifted every six months until water flows through the discharge pipe to maintain the unit (check out our instructions here).  The sacrificial anode should be checked after 5-7 years of the

install depending on water quality.  The anode is a steel rod in the unit that stops the unit from rusting on the inside.  Replacing these regularly can greatly increase the lifespan of the hot water unit.  Check out our 5 year major service information sheet here.

Which hot water unit is best?

There are a variety of factors that need to be considered before deciding on the right hot water unit for your home.  Electric is the cheapest to buy and install.  If it’s a larger unit over 300lt and wired up to the T33 electricity tariff then these can be fairly economical on power bills but if it’s a smaller unit on the T31 tariff then they can be costly in energy consumption charges.  The down side for these hot water units is once the hot water has been emptied from the tank, at least 20-30 minutes is required before there will be any more hot water to use.

Gas hot water systems are economical

Gas hot water units are most economical when connected to the natural gas supply by a professional gas fitter.  This isn’t a possibility for many homes on the Gold Coast as natural gas hasn’t been piped to their streets.  Instantaneous gas hot water units are great for people who use a lot of hot water as you can never run out as it simply heats the water each time it’s called for.  Connecting these hot water systems to bottled (LPG) gas is less economical.  There are strict regulations regarding how and where these hot water systems can be installed to maximise safety.  Your Gold Coast home would need good water pressure as low water pressure wouldn’t allow the water to be heated correctly.

Heat pumps use less power

Heat pumps use up to 75% less power than a standard electric hot water unit and so can be economical and energy efficient.  In our experience the higher initial costs, maintenance costs and shorter lifespan of this type of unit don’t make this a very attractive choice.

Roof mounted solar hot water systems

Roof mounted solar hot water systems are likely to be the most economical option long term if the electricity for the booster is coming from the T33 tariff.  If you’re planning on staying in your home for over 7 years, can afford the initial extra outlay, then the overall reduced energy bills are likely to make this the best choice.  The biggest draw back with these units is if all the hot water is used up and if the sun isn’t out heating it up more hot water sufficiently, it may be necessary to wait until the next morning before there’s more hot water once the booster switch has come on over night.

We know hot water systems!

With a combination of sophisticated diagnostic testing and competitively-priced servicing options, we will install, repair and maintain your Gold Coast hot water system with minimal disruption to your household.  Providing the best possible plumbing service. We also offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day and same day service.

For a Gold Coast plumber you can rely on, call DCM Plumbing on 07 5576 5305 and get a quote today.

hot water systems gold coast

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