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Household leaks are more than just an inconvenience.

An avoidable leak can increase your water bill unnecessarily, damage fixtures and fittings, and put your home at risk of flooding.

Further, with a tap that drips once a second wasting up to 33 litres of water per day, it’s our environmental responsibility to detect and repair leaks as soon as they start.

How to confirm a suspected water leak:

  • Compare your water bills. If your usage seems unusually high, you may have a leak.
  • Stop using all water fixtures (taps, dishwasher, toilet and washing machine) and read the water meter. If the meter has moved after an hour, it’s likely you have a leak.
  • You have puddles and wet patches in the home or garden
  • You receive a letter from the council advising that your water consumption has increased by more than 50% since the last reading.

Experienced Gold Coast Plumbers

Why choose DCM Plumbing for your Gold Coast water leak detection service?

Local: Our licensed plumbers are based locally on the Gold Coast so a professional can be there fast before the leak poses a risk to property.

Reliable: We rely on repeat business and word of mouth and understand that reliability is what customers look for.

Respectful and friendly: Our plumbers treat your home or property as well as they do their own. We are certified ‘Tidy Tradies’ and guarantee the least amount of disruption to your home or garden and we pride ourselves on our friendliness.

Experience: With almost 20 years’ experience in plumbing and leak detection on the Gold Coast, we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

We go the extra mile: If you’ve already received a larger than average water bill, Gold Coast City Council may offer relief for high usage caused by concealed water leaks.

If we carry out a repair that will qualify for relief on your water bill, we’ll send you a form to apply for a rebate along with details of the repair and the first meter reading.  Take a look at the form here.

All you need to do is complete your personal details and take a second meter reading a week after the repair and send your application to Gold Coast City Council.

Tip: GCCC only allow three relief applications in a ten-year period, so make sure the water bill is excessive enough to warrant a claim.

DCM Plumbing provides a trusted leak detection service on the Gold Coast.  To repair leaks and keep water bills low, call DCM Plumbing on 07 5576 5305 today.


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