Noisy Pipes

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Noisy pipes can be very annoying but quite often very easily resolved. Some common causes include…

  • vibration caused by tap washers
  • isolation valves
  • even high water pressure

One way to eliminate noisy pipes is to install a pressure reducing value (PRV). A PRV limits the pressure of the water moving through the pipes. If there is no PRV installed…

  • the pressure is governed by your the local government authority who supplies your water
  • this can create a lot of stress on your system causing noisy pipes or water hammer

Our plumbers have many years experience at tracing the cause of noisy pipes and water hammer. With their fully stocked vans they’ll fix it fast, so you can settle down to a nice cuppa, without having to listen to the clanging and banging anymore.

For complete peace of mind and fast, courteous service, call DCM Plumbing and Drainage on (07) 5576 5305.


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