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Do you ever …. ?

  • Have challenges when dealing with your plumber?
  • Get constant complaints from your tenants due to lack of punctuality of your plumber?
  • Have to follow-up with your plumber about work?
  • Have to get your plumber to return to a job?
  • Have issues reading the handwritten invoice your plumber provides or understanding exactly what they have done?

How many of these did you say ‘YES’ to?

NONE of this has to happen!  In fact it won’t happen ever again when you deal with a professional plumbing company!
DCM Plumbing is a family run and owned maintenance plumbing company.
We have  in excess of 15 years experience with Real Estate & Strata Companies, offering 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service.
With fully stocked vehicles on the road and a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable servicemen, we also guarantee to arrive when we say we will!


  1. Our #1 priority is to make your life easier.  We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with property managers, just like yourself.
  2. There when you need us most.  Our phones are manned 24/7, including Christmas & New Year’s.
  3. We are TidyTradies®.  We leave every property clean and tidy by using CleanBoots and TidyTradie work mats on every job.
  4. Work Orders are booked within 30 minutes of receiving them.
  5. We can give you a Guaranteed Price for all your plumbing needs, BEFORE we even lift a spanner … no nasty surprises .
  6. Lifetime Guarantee on labour.  We guarantee our work 100%.
  7. You are protected.  We are fully insured and licensed.

Check out our Painless Workflow below to see just how simple it is to get your plumbing maintenance jobs completed by DCM Plumbing.


How to book a job with DCM Plumbing



















So why not send us a work order TODAY – our Customer Service Team are waiting to help YOU.

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or Call us on:  07 5576 5305

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