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How to Stop Water Hammer

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Water hammer is a hydraulic shock that typically occurs in old pipes after a valve is shut off suddenly. Water hammering which causes noisy pipes can be very annoying but quite often very easily resolved.

What is water hammer in pipes?

Water hammer occurs when a tap, toilet, washing machine or dishwasher shuts off the water flow.  This is when the water hammering banging noise can be heard.  Sometimes it sounds like a shuddering noise vibrating down the length of the pipes.  This is the sudden stopping of the momentum of the water flowing through the pipes.

Common Water Hammer Causes

  • vibration caused by tap washers
  • old loose pipes in walls and ceilings
  • isolation valves
  • high water pressure

How To Resolve Water Hammer

1. Reduce water pressure

To resolve the water hammer noises, we first need to investigate which particular issue is at the root of your problem. One way to eliminate noisy pipes can be to install a pressure reducing value (PRV).  A PRV limits the pressure of the water moving through the pipes. If there is no PRV installed:

  • the pressure is governed by Gold Coast Water, who supplies your water
  • this can create a lot of stress on your system causing noisy pipes or water hammer

2. Check for loose mounting straps in your pipes

Another way to resolve water hammer may be as simple as clipping loose pipes back into place to stop them moving and banging each time water is turned off around the home.

3. Drain your water system to replenish air chambers

Water hammer in pipes can be kept to a minimum by installing a new air chamber or a water hammer arrestor. On rare occasions the only way to resolve persistent water hammer at a particular fixture is to fit a water hammer arrestor which is a small device that stops pressure from building up each time water is turned off at a fixture.  These devices are an inexpensive addition to your plumbing infrastructure and can be fitted neatly and easily wherever necessary.

Our plumbers have many years experience at tracing the cause of noisy pipes and water hammer. With their fully stocked vans they’ll fix it fast, so you can settle down to a nice cuppa, without having to listen to the clanging and banging anymore.

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