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A burst water pipe is a challenge you can never prepare for.

Financially, practically and logistically you can’t factor a burst pipe into life the way you can a renovation or scheduled plumbing works.

So, to minimise disruption, when a water pipe bursts, you need someone who can be there immediately.

DCM Plumbing is a Gold Coast-based plumber who can locate a leak, repair it and help you complete paperwork to submit to local council to request a rebate on any excess water consumption charges you may incur due to this leak.

What to do if you suspect a burst water pipe:

  • Stop using all water in or outside the house (including taps, washing machine, dishwasher and toilets).
  • Locate the water meter and make a note of the digits on the meter (including the red digits and dials).
  • Re-read the meter in an hour (remember, don’t use the household water in this time).
  • If the digits have moved, it’s likely that a leak is present.
  • Turn off the water supply at the meter immediately to avoid excess water usage charges and call a licensed plumber.
  • DCM Plumbing is fully licensed and provides a same-day service to avoid the leak causing damage to the property.

    Burst pipe underground leak
    Burst water pipe

How to spot a burst water pipe:

  • Change in pressure from the taps
  • Damp or wet marks on the walls, ceiling or floor
  • Puddles or boggy areas around the garden
  • Brown or smelly water
  • Increase in water bills

Causes of burst water pipe:

  • Deterioration of the pipe in the ground
  • Corrosion of the pipe in the ground
  • High water pressure

We go the extra mile:

If you’ve already received a larger than average water bill, Gold Coast City Council may offer relief for high usage caused by concealed water leaks.

If we carry out a repair that will qualify for relief on your water bill, we’ll send you a form to apply for a rebate along with details of the repair and the first meter reading.  Take a look at the form here.

All you need to do is complete your personal details and take a second meter reading a week after the repair and send your application to Gold Coast City Council.


GCCC only allow three relief applications in a ten-year period, so make sure the water bill is excessive enough to warrant a claim

Plumbing work carried out in Queensland must be completed by a licensed plumber with the appropriate endorsements. If you suspect a burst water pipe, call DCM Plumbing on (07) 5576 5305 today


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