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Have you received a notification from the council stating it’s time for your annual backflow prevention device test? At DCM Plumbing, ensuring the safety of your water supply is our top priority, and that’s where our backflow testing Gold Coast services come into play. As a trusted name with over 35 years of experience, we are the first choice for backflow testing in the Gold Coast region. We can ensure you conform with all rules and regulations surrounding your backflow prevention device.

Our team of master plumbers is highly trained, not just in identifying and fixing problems, but in preventative measures that safeguard the water supply from contamination. When Gold Coast residents need reliable backflow testing, they know DCM Plumbing is the name they can count on. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence make us the go-to choice for backflow testing Gold Coast homeowners trust. So if you’ve received a notification from the council, contact us today.

In the realm of plumbing, certification matters – and when it comes to backflow prevention, you want nothing less than the best. That’s why at DCM Plumbing, we are proud to have a team of backflow certified plumbers who are meticulously trained to handle all issues that can arise from backflow. Our plumbers have undergone extensive training and are certified to inspect, install, and maintain backflow prevention devices, ensuring that your water supply remains pure and uncontaminated. 

With DCM Plumbing, you’re not just hiring a plumber; you’re partnering with a specialist. Our backflow certified plumbers are dedicated to providing not only top-tier service but also educating our clients on the importance of backflow prevention. We are adept at identifying risks and implementing solutions that comply with all local regulations, giving you peace of mind knowing that your property is in safe, capable hands. Trust DCM Plumbing for all your backflow prevention needs.

Backflow testing is a precise and essential procedure designed to protect the purity of our water supply, and it’s a task our team at DCM Plumbing takes seriously. When we conduct backflow testing, our certified plumbers initiate the process by shutting off the downstream shut-off valve of your plumbing system. 

After waiting a few crucial minutes, we employ a specialised backflow testing kit to measure the pressure within your system. This is done to ensure that the pressure levels are appropriate and that your backflow prevention device is functioning optimally. If there is a difference or drop in water pressure, a properly functioning backflow device will prevent contaminated water, potentially laden with hazardous chemicals, bacteria, or debris, from flowing back into the mains water system. 

With our detailed approach, our team will confirm the integrity of your water supply, leaving you with nothing but peace of mind and the highest standard of water quality. At DCM Plumbing, backflow testing isn’t just a service – it’s a safeguard for your health and home. Find out more about backflow testing in our blog.

We understand the critical role backflow testing plays on the Gold Coast in protecting our health and our environment. We strive to consistently deliver top-notch service that goes beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements, fostering long-term relationships built on trust, reliability, and excellence. If you suspect that your property may be at risk or are due for your annual backflow testing, don’t hesitate to protect your water supply. Contact us today. 


Questions? We’ve got the answers

Backflow testing is a process used to ensure that your drinking water supply isn’t contaminated by water flowing backwards from your property into the main water supply. It involves checking a device installed in your plumbing system, which prevents contaminated water from reversing direction.

We have over 37 years of experience in the plumbing industry and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service. DCM Plumbing is thrilled to also provide fast and reliable same-day service with a $0 call-out fee.

Regulations on the Gold Coast require backflow prevention devices to be tested annually. Regular testing helps maintain the device’s proper functioning and compliance with local water safety standards.

During a backflow test, a certified plumber will inspect your backflow prevention device for any signs of wear or failure. They will perform tests to ensure the device is effectively preventing reverse water flow, documenting the results for regulatory compliance.

A backflow test typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the system’s complexity and accessibility of the device.

Only licensed plumbers with specific training in backflow prevention are qualified to perform backflow testing. DCM Plumbing’s team includes certified professionals who specialise in backflow testing and compliance.

At DCM Plumbing, you can expect plumbing services on the Gold Coast that are reliable, affordable, and of the highest quality. Our fully qualified and licensed Gold Coast plumbers are experienced in all aspects of plumbing maintenance and can help you with any issue, big or small.

No matter if it’s a drippy tap, a running toilet, noisy pipes, or a suspected leak, we can carry out plumbing repairs to maintain your home in tip-top condition.

We offer a a $0 call-out fee. We are dedicated to supplying a professional, cost-effective, and time-efficient plumbing and drainage service throughout the Gold Coast. Our expert plumbers are available 24/7 to ensure any emergency can be fixed. We are fully licensed and have over 1000+ 5-star Google reviews. 

We have been servicing residential and commercial properties since 2002 within Burleigh Heads and throughout the Gold Coast region. If you need a plumber on the Gold Coast suburbs, contact us today.


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