Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Need help with a blocked drains on the Gold Coast? We are here to help you with all blocked drains including blocked toilets, sinks and drains. We use a high-pressure water jetter to clear obstructions. We also use an industrial strength degreasing treatment to clear stubborn grease blockages. When we’re using the jetting equipment, almost all drains can be cleared and working again within one hour.


If you want to get your blocked drains on the Gold Coast cleared quickly and effectively, contact us today. Blocked drains are costly and inconvenient and can cause damage to a property if not cleared promptly.

If blocked drains on your Gold Coast property burst, the foul-smelling contents can cover a home or garden with sewage and waste resulting in potential contamination, a costly repair and not to mention being unpleasant for everyone all round.

Don’t let a blocked drains disrupt your daily life. If you’re dealing with blocked drains on the Gold Coast, take action right away and call in the experts to help you quickly and effectively clear the blockage and restore your pipes to full functionality. We are proud to be members of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland and are QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licensed, so you know you’re only getting the best when you choose us – and our 900+ 5* Google reviews prove it. 

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Do You Have a Blocked Drain?

Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Drain Clearing Gold Coast

Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Drain Clearing Gold Coast

dcm plumbing five star rated plumber gold coast
DCM Plumber Gold Coast

With almost 20 years experience and 1000+ 5* Google reviews as a blocked drain plumber Gold Coast, we know how to clear blocked drains and overflows effectively. This means we can reduce the likelihood of sewage spills in your Gold Coast home or garden quickly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art technology locates even the deepest of blockages and by using high-pressure jetters, we combine power and precision to clear blocked drains the first time. So if you’re looking for a blocked drain plumber on the Gold Coast, contact us today. 

How much does blocked drain cleaning cost?

Costs can vary depending on both time and equipment necessary to clear your blocked drain.  On the Gold Coast, blocked drains can have many different causes and therefore have a few different solutions to clear them.

Call us as soon as signs of a blocked drain start to appear. As a professional Gold Coast plumber we’ll clear the drain and, as a certified ‘Tidy Tradie’, take all the evidence away with us… including the nasty pong! Deal with your blocked drains on the Gold Coast today – contact us now. 

We Can Solve A Variety Of Blocked Drain Issues

Our team are highly trained and experienced in resolving all types of blocked drain issues. Check out some of our more specific services below.

Dealing with a blocked toilet? Our experienced team swiftly tackles toilet blockages, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. Equipped with advanced tools and effective techniques, we provide a quick and thorough resolution. Rely on us for hassle-free and dependable blocked toilet services, restoring comfort and functionality to your home.

For blocked stormwater drains, turn to our team of highly trained professionals. We use the latest tools and technology to effectively clear blockages and maintain drainage systems, ensuring optimal flow and preventing future issues. Our expertise in handling complex blockages guarantees a thorough and efficient service, keeping your stormwater systems in top condition.

Encountering slow-draining sinks? These are tell-tale signs of blocked sewer drains. Our team utilise advanced jetting technology, paired with CCTV drain cameras, to not only clear but also diagnose the root cause of blockages. With precision and efficiency, we ensure your drains are thoroughly cleared and functioning optimally, safeguarding your home against future issues.

Book Our GOLD COAST DRAIN Cleaning Specialists Today

If you need a drain cleaning specialist on the Gold Coast, DCM Plumbing has the equipment and experience to handle even the nastiest blockages.

Our state-of-the-art high pressure water jetter and CCTV camera are the most effective ways to find where your blocked drain is located and clear the blockage without the need to complete a dig-up repair.

Contact our expert team today and say goodbye to blocked drains for good!

Blocked Drain FAQs

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The cost to clear your blocked drain will depend on the type of equipment needed for the job and what’s causing the blockage.  Drains block for many reasons and therefore the pricing will reflect the time and equipment necessary to clear your drain.  Call our friendly team for more information.

One of the leading causes of blocked drains is putting something down the drain that shouldn’t go down. Blocked drains and blocked toilets are often caused by sanitary products, paper towels or other hard to flush materials.

If your bathroom seems to suffer from sewer smells every once in a while, but doesn’t show signs of any blockages, you may benefit from fitting a device in your floor waste that prevents sewer smells from travelling back up into the room. If you have a consistently unpleasant odour coming from your drains, ask your DCM plumber how we can help cure this annoying problem on our next visit!

Blocked drains can show warning signs before they become an emergency.

Here are a few signs:

  1. Water is not draining away in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.
  2. Sewage overflowing in the backyard.
  3. Toilets backing up.
  4. A rancid smell that can extend to neighbouring properties.


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