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Are you having toilet plumbing problems on the Gold Coast? Our friendly team provide toilet maintenance and repair services. From leaky toilets to broken toilet parts, DCM Plumbing have you covered. 

No matter what make or model of toilet you have, we can repair or replace it. For all your toilet plumbing needs, contact DCM Plumbing.

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Is Your Toilet Leaking? Our Expert Plumbers Can Repair Your Leaky Toilets

If your toilet sometimes makes a funny sound, like a whooshing noise or sounds like water is running, then this is a good indication that the toilet is leaking into the bowl. The noise you can hear is the toilet topping up the water level in the cistern (water tank). One of the main reasons this happens is due to the inlet or outlet valve leaking. If this is the case, it is best to replace it with a new valve. If you’re a bit of a DIY’er and you can identify the leaking part, you can source a new valve and fit it yourself. But if you are in any doubt, call us to do this for you. Our plumbers carry a variety of brand specific and generic toilet parts and can carry out maintenance and repair to the majority of toilets very quickly with their already stocked items. So if your toilet is leaking, our friendly plumbers can resolve the issue.


If your toilet is leaking due to a suspected blockage, our blocked toilet plumbers can diagnose the issue and provide a resolution.

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We are your Gold Coast plumber to replace your broken toilet parts

If you’ve got a broken toilet or broken toilet part, DCM Plumbing can replace or repair it. You’ve found the toilet flush buttons get stuck when you push them down. This can be caused by the buttons themselves getting old and deteriorating or by the flush valve mechanism inside the toilet cistern getting stuck. As toilets come in all shapes and sizes, if either of these parts need to be replaced, you’ll need to be very specific when ordering new parts if you decide to fix this yourself as many generic brands will not work. Alternatively call in your local Gold Coast plumber, DCM, to do the hard work for you.

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Is your toilet leaking onto the floor?

Toilets will often leak at the rear of the toilet and drip onto the floor. If this is accompanied by a foul sewer smell, you likely have a leak coming from your pan collar. This is the rubber seal between your toilet and the sewer pipework that either goes through the floor or wall at the rear of the toilet and into the main sewer line. The rubber collar slowly deteriorates over time, allowing the toilet water to escape and drip onto the floor. We highly recommend calling your local plumber in to carry out the replacement of this part as it can be very tricky to get the replacement installed correctly if you’re not a qualified plumber.

Another very common problem we see is water leaking from the isolation tap to the toilet. It may be due to the washers inside the tap breaking down and no longer making a complete seal when the water comes through the pipework to fill up the cistern. If this is the case, it’s an easy fix for a plumber to replace the isolation tap with a new one. Again this one is better left to a qualified plumber as it’s not uncommon for the tap to be tricky to remove, especially if it’s embedded in the wall or has been in place for many years.

Are you having toilet plumbing issues?

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