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Do you have a burst pipe on the Gold Coast? Contact us today. We are burst pipe experts who can locate the leak and repair it, quick.

Need help with a burst pipe on the Gold Coast?

Do you need help with a burst water pipe on the Gold Coast? Contact us today. A burst pipe can be classified as a plumbing emergency, so don’t hesitate, just call us.

You can’t factor a burst pipe into life the way you can a renovation or scheduled plumbing maintenance. Our plumbers can fix burst water pipes on the Gold Coast and in surrounding suburbs. We can get to you quick wherever you are, and we’ll make sure to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and properly. 

DCM Plumbing is a plumber on the Gold Coast who can detect a leak, repair it and help you complete the paperwork to submit to the local council to request a rebate on any excess water consumption charges you may incur due to this leak.

So if you have a burst water pipe on the Gold Coast, you need to locate your water meter and turn it off by turning the valve clockwise until it stops. Then call DCM to arrange a plumber to carry out repairs as quickly as possible to limit the inconvenience to your household.

Top Tip – Your water meter can usually be found at the front left or right of the property in a green or black lidded box, or next to a toilet or under a sink if you are living in a unit. Some unit blocks do not have individual meters for each unit however, so you will have to turn of the water supply to the whole block. 

What to do if you suspect a burst water pipe:

  • Stop using all water in or outside the house (including taps, washing machine, dishwasher and toilets).
  • Locate the water meter and make a note of the digits on the meter (including the red digits and dials).
  • Re-read the meter in an hour (remember, don’t use the household water in this time).
  • If the digits have moved, it’s likely that a leak is present.
  • Turn off the water supply at the meter immediately to avoid excess water usage charges and call a licensed plumber.
  • DCM Plumbing is fully licensed and provides a same-day service to avoid the leak causing damage to the property.

need an emergency repair for your burst water pipe?

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Our Burst Pipe Plumbers Go The EXTRA MILE

If you’ve already received a larger than average water bill, the Gold Coast City Council may offer relief for high usage caused by concealed burst pipes on your Gold Coast property.

If we carry out a burst pipe repair on the Gold Coast that qualifies you for relief on your water bill, we’ll send you a form to apply for a rebate along with details of the repair and the first meter reading. Take a look at the form here.

All you need to do is enter your personal details and take a second meter reading a week after the repair. Then, send your application to Gold Coast City Council. So if you need help with a burst water pipe on the Gold Coast, contact us today and let’s sort it out once and for all! 

Tip: GCCC only allow three relief applications in a ten-year period, so make sure the water bill is excessive enough to warrant a claim

Plumbing work carried out in Queensland must be completed by a licensed plumber with the appropriate endorsements. 

If you suspect a burst water pipe, call DCM Plumbing. Our plumbers are experts at fixing burst water pipes on the Gold Coast and in surrounding suburbs. 


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If you suspect a burst water pipe, your best bet is to call a professional, licensed plumber – and if you’re on the Gold Coast, you should call DCM Plumbing. Our burst pipe plumbers will go the extra mile and identify the root cause and ensure that it is dealt with quickly and effectively in order to minimise any future problems. 

Water hammer is a phenomenon caused by rapidly moving water coming to a sudden stop because of a tap being turned off. It is also known as hydraulic shock. It sounds like a hammer hitting your pipes and is caused by the shockwave of the water stopping suddenly, causing the pipes to shake and hit the wall if they are close to one. You’ll most likely know it when you hear it. 

If left untreated, bad water hammer can damage your pipes over time, causing them to loosen from their straps and supports and may even lead to a burst pipe. This is why you should contact DCM Plumbing today if you notice any water hammer issues in your home! 

Whilst there’s no set answer, most burst pipes are fixed within a few hours, however, some may be fixed in as little as 15 minutes. It depends entirely on the severity of the damage, the material of the pipe (the plumber may need to locate certain materials), and the ease of access to the pipe (an underground pipe is much harder to access than one under your bathroom sink!). 

Fixing a pipe that is inside of a wall is a tricky task, so it’s best left to the professionals; and if you’re on the Gold Coast, there’s no better burst pipe plumber than DCM Plumbing, so contact us today. That being said, if you do need to fix a burst pipe inside of a wall yourself, here is how to do it: 

  1. The first order of business is to turn off the water at your meter or the isolation valve that controls the tap. Once that’s done, turn on the tap to remove any remaining water in it.
  2. Remove the section of the damaged drywall that is directly over the leak. Only do this once you are absolutely sure where the leak is located!
  3. Once you have access to the pipe, locate the exact location of the rupture. 
  4. Place a container under the pipe. The repair will most likely be quite messy so placing a container underneath will make it easier to clean up after. 

Next, you have a few options. To repair the burst pipe you can use any of these to patch up the hole: 

  1. If the pipe is plastic, the section needs to be cut out and replaced
  2. If it’s copper, you may be able to solder a small pinhole leak, otherwise, you’ll also have to cut out the section and replace it 
  3. Total replacement of the pipe

Again, this type of work can be expensive and time-consuming, and the right material depends on the material of the pipe. It’s best to leave it to a professional and save yourself the headache!

Yes, over time a dripping tap can lead to damage to your home as the water seeps into the surrounding areas. It will also lead to pools of stagnant festering water which can lead to mould and germ growth. Yuck! Best to get it sorted ASAP. 

A burst flexi hose can be a real problem, so if you notice a leaking flexi hose be sure to address it straight away. Your best bet is to turn off the water from the mains immediately and contact a Gold Coast emergency plumber like DCM. 

Yes, a clogged toilet can lead to a burst pipe. When a toilet drain becomes severely clogged, it restricts the flow of water. This blockage creates substantial pressure in the pipe system upstream of the clog. Over time, this increased pressure can cause pipes to crack and, if not addressed, may eventually lead to a burst pipe.

Burst pipes can result in significant damage to your home and property, particularly if they occur when no one is present to address the issue immediately. In such cases, the expertise of local plumbers is invaluable. When selecting a plumbing service, it’s important to consider their response time, call-out fees, and other key factors to ensure prompt and effective resolution of plumbing emergencies. Contact us today if you want to tick every box! 

Yes, hot water can cause a pipe to burst, but it’s very rare in domestic settings and typically involves specific circumstances.

This is because pipes can burst under high pressure at any temperature. However, the temperature becomes a concern mainly with polypropylene pipes, which can soften and become vulnerable at hot temperatures (well above 100°C), especially under high pressure.

In a typical home hot water or heating system, reaching such extreme temperatures and pressures indicates a serious system fault. It’s unlikely under normal operating conditions, but if your system shows signs of extreme pressure or temperature, it’s crucial to call us immediately to prevent the risk of burst pipes.

The signs of an underground leak include:

  1. Water pooling: If you notice water pooling in an area on your property, or just an area that is damp, it may indicate a leak in your underground water supply line.
  2. Look for cracked foundations and walkways: pipes are usually only located a few inches underground, so cracked foundations or walkways could indicate an underground water leak. 
  3. Reduced water pressure: If you notice a decrease in water pressure in your home or building, it could be due to a leak in the water supply line, especially if the reduced pressure is isolated to one area or fixture.
  4. Unusually high water bills: If your water bill suddenly increases without any change in usage, it could be due to an underground leak.

Here’s how to verify if you have a leak: 

Step one: locate your water meter
A water meter measures the amount of water entering your house. It is usually located in the nature strip outside your property, in a black or green box.

Bear in mind if you live in a complex with other units, apartments, or townhouses, there may not be an individual water meter for each dwelling. If you suspect a water leak in this situation, the best course of action is to contact body corporate or simply contact a professional plumber yourself.

Step two: turn off all taps and any appliances that use water.

Be very thorough with this step; things like the freezer making ice can be enough to throw the readings off, so check everything.

Step three: make a note of your water meter reading.

This will help you know the baseline at which you’re starting.

Step four: do not use any water for at least one hour. 

This includes flushing the toilet! Really be mindful of trying to keep the results as precise and reliable as possible. If you end up using any water before taking your second reading, simply start again from step two.

Step five: after one hour, take a new meter reading. If the number has changed, you have a leak!

Find out more in our blog on how to find a water leak underground

What To Do About a Blocked Sewer

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Blocked sinks & basins
These can be caused locally by hair and gunk stuck around plug hole and pipework leading from the sink into the main household drainage system. Pop up plugs are the biggest culprit of this problem as they can be tricky to get out to clean. The usual scenario to clear a blockage local to a sink/basin is to first plunge to see if this pushes anything within the trap and pipework down into the main drainage system. If this doesn’t clear it, the next step is to undo the trap under the sink or basin to see if there are any foreign objects stuck in it. If there are, it’s just a matter of emptying is out, cleaning the trap and reinstalling it. If when the trap is reinstalled water still isn’t getting away then the blockage is usually not local to the sink or basin and needs to be investigated further.
Blocked Showers & baths
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Blocked toilets
If your bathroom seems to suffer from sewer smells every once in a while, but doesn’t show signs of any blockages, you may benefit from fitting a device in your floor waste that prevents sewer smells from travelling back up into the room. If you have a consistently unpleasant odour coming from your drains, call a plumber
Blocked basins
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Blocked kitchen sinks
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When a dig up repair isn’t preferable
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Jetter/CCTV drain camera/Locator
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