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Hot Water System Replacements

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Hot Water Replacement
on the Gold Coast?

Need to Replace Your Current Hot Water System on the Gold Coast?

If you’re having issues with your water heater, sometimes a repair isn’t enough, and you’ll need a complete hot water system replacement. If you live on the Gold coast, DCM Plumbing provides thorough hot water system replacement services at a reasonable cost.

We can supply and replace all the leading water heaters brands. Just give us a call, and we will take care of the rest. In addition, we replace all hot water systems according to AS3500 standards and provide a Form 4 to the QBCC, letting them know the new system complies with current regulations. 

So contact us today if you need a hot water system replacement on the Gold Coast. 

Hot Water Systems

Need a Hot Water System replacement?

How Often Do Water Heaters Need Replacement?

How long a water heater lasts before needing a replacement depends on a variety of factors. These include:


Quality is arguably the most critical factor to consider when looking at how long water heaters last. You get what you pay for – and at DCM Plumbing, we only provide the best

System type

There are several types of hot water systems to choose from, each with its own estimated lifespan. These are:

  • Gas Hot water systems: 8-12 years
  • Electric hot water systems: 10-15 years 
  • Solar hot water system: 10+ years (up to 20 with proper maintenance)
  • Heat pump: 10-15 years

All of these hot water systems come at varying price points

  • Electric hot water systems are the cheapest to buy and install.
  • Gas hot water systems are more expensive up front but cheaper in the long run (although their suitability is limited on the Gold Coast).
  • Solar hot water systems are costly upfront but pay off in the long run, especially after 7+ years. These are an excellent option for those buying a new home.
  • Heat pumps are relatively expensive all round, generally not a good choice.

Prices for a new hot water system vary greatly depending on your individual requirements. We can install any water heater brand, however, we usually recommend Aquamax. These units come with a 10-year cylinder warranty.


Proper hot water system servicing can significantly extend its longevity, sometimes even years longer. So if you can’t remember the last time your hot water system was serviced, contact us today, and we can ensure you get the most out of your system. 


A hot water system that gets more usage will wear out faster than one that gets little use. 

Water hardness

The last factor that can affect a hot water system’s longevity is water hardness. Hard water (water with a high mineral content) will cause accelerated corrosion leading to premature aging and potential problems down the road. Unfortunately, Queensland has hard to moderately hard water, so water heaters here deteriorate quickly. This means you should contact us to replace your hot water system today – why risk it? Find out more about servicing hot water systems

Hot Water Systems

Need a Hot Water System Replacement?

Hot Water System Replacement Gold Coast

Contact us today if you’re having issues with your hot water system on the Gold Coast and you think you need a replacement. 

We provide the best service, as demonstrated by our 1000+ 5* Google reviews. In addition, we have 37+ years of experience and provide all services with no call-out fee and fixed pricing guaranteed – meaning no hidden costs for you.

Hot Water Systems

Need a Hot Water System replacement?

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