Drain clearing services

Drain Clearing Service From $99.  Call DCM Gold Coast on (07) 5576 5305.

Blocked drains are costly, inconvenient and can cause damage to a property if not cleared promptly.

If a blocked drain bursts, the foul-smelling contents can cover a home or garden with sewage and waste resulting in potential contamination, a costly repair and not to mention being unpleasant for everyone all round.

Signs you have a blocked drain, and it’s time to call a drain clearing expert:

  • Water not draining away in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry
  • Sewerage overflowing in the back yard
  • Toilets backing up
  • A rancid smell that can extend to neighbouring properties

How does DCM Plumbing’s drain clearing service guarantee results?

With almost 20 years’ experience clearing drains on the Gold Coast, we clear blockages and overflows, and reduce the likelihood of flooding in your home or garden quickly and efficiently.

Our state-of-the-art technology locates even the deepest of blockages and, using high-pressure jetters, we combine power and precision to clear drains first time.  

Call DCM Plumbing as soon as signs of a blocked drain start to appear. We’ll clear the drain and, as a certified ‘Tidy Tradie’, take all the evidence away with us…including the nasty pong!

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