Plumbing problems are always a headache. Some are simple, but some aren’t and can have severe consequences if not attended to promptly. A serious plumbing problem can damage your home or business. In your home, it can damage furniture, floors, and walls, etc. In your business, your goods, and stocks.

That’s not to mention the disruption. Most of us can put a new washer on a leaky tap, but there are plumbing issues that we can’t or really shouldn’t attempt to fix on our own. If you need a plumber on the Gold Coast, it’s best to call in the professionals, like us, at DCM Plumbing & Drainage. Although it is tempting to have a go yourself, there are some problems only a professional plumber can fix.


Burst pipes are generally not something a householder or business owner is capable of fixing. Unless you are a qualified plumber yourself, you probably won’t know where to start or even have the proper tools for the job. The location of a burst pipe may be pretty obvious, but you have to get at it and then fix it. A plumber would quickly know the where and how of it.


Not all water issues are as dramatic as a burst pipe. Sometimes you know you have a leak. All the signs are there: wet floors, damp walls, or puddles, but where is it? What you see is the result of the leak, not the origin. A professional plumber knows how to find leaks. They come prepared with the knowledge and the equipment to detect the source.


Drainage problems are usually easy to spot. Pools of water around your property, toilets backed up, and bad odours are all signs. It’s a blockage of some kind, but again, you have the problem of where exactly is it? It may be something as simple as garden waste blocking a drain, which can easily be cleared away, but what if it is somewhere deep inside your piping system? How can you find it and more importantly, how can you clear it away? You would need to call in a plumber; one that can deal with the problem fast and efficiently.


If the source of your problem is coming from your hot water unit, whether it is electrical, gas-fired, or even solar, then you need a plumber. Amateurs can’t tackle these kinds of systems. Only time served, qualified plumbers should attempt to fix a hot water system.


Don’t DIY unless you really know what you are doing. Leave it to the professionals. Luckily enough for you, DCM Plumbing & Drainage are the professionals. So if you need a plumber on the Gold Coast don’t hesitate to contact us.