Removing Tree Roots From Sewer

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Removing tree roots from sewer?

Tree roots invading your sewer can potentially cause a lot of problems with you drainage system. It’s best to prevent them climbing through your sewer system by maintaining your drains with a tree root inhibitor such as RootX. These treatments generally last between 6 to 12 months, so planned maintenance by a licensed plumber is your best bet in maintaining a healthy drainage system.

Sometimes though, it maybe too late, and a great clump of tree roots may have already made themselves a nice home throughout your sewer pipes. The symptoms are often things like these…

  • water not draining away from the shower floor
  • toilets backing up or making gurgling noises
  • nasty smells coming from your laundry
  • sewer overflowing in your backyard

So how do these tree roots make their way in?

Quite often it’s caused by…

  • a small crack appearing in an old drain pipe due to age
  • a garden fork or spade creating a hole that goes undetected
  • foreign matter caught in the drain creating a pressure build up and causing a tiny split

All seemingly small problems initially, but tiny tree roots get thirsty and go after any available water source. Anyone familiar with Gumtrees and Moreton Bay Figs will know how huge, long and dense these tree root systems become. So imagine what’s happening inside a sewer drain that hasn’t been regularly maintained.

What is your best plan of action?

Your best approach is to call a qualified drain plumber and have them do these 3 things…

  • a CCTV camera inspection of your entire sewer system
  • show you video footage of where they need to remove the tree roots
  • provide you with recommended options to clear the tree roots and prevent their return

What are your options?

Tree roots can often be cleared by…

  • using a high powered water jetter
  • electric eels. Some plumbers use them, but we don’t recommend them as they can damage your sewer pipes
  • applying a root treatment to prevent them returning

However, if the invading tree roots have been there over a long period of time, your drains may require digging up and repairing, relining or replacing. These are always a last resort, but sometimes necessary. All tree root removal and sewer drain repair work completed by DCM Plumbing and Drainage is fully guaranteed.

Whatever the cause, don’t risk a small problem turning into a major one…call a fully licensed drainage plumber and tree root removalist today.

DCM Plumbing and Drainage are members of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland and fully licensed with QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) to carry out all sewer repairs, root treatments and drain replacements. Our license number is 1197459.

For complete peace of mind and fast, courteous service, call DCM Plumbing and Drainage on (07) 5576 5305.


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