It’s a fact that most homeowners will experience a burst pipe in their lifetime. There are 6 signs you may have a burst pipe, so before you call out your local Gold Coast plumber to help, check out this handy list we’ve created so you can spot a possible leaking pipe which can also help to minimise the cost of repairs and damage to your home, carry on reading to find out more.

If you have any of the following 6 signs, it’s very likely you have a leaking pipe in or around your property-



When a water main pipe leaks, it is possible to notice a drop in the water pressure coming through to the taps. This is due to some of the water that would normally come through to the tap, leaking out of the broken pipe.


When leaks occur in pipes in the walls, ceilings or floor, there are usually noticeable water staining marks in the area of the leak. Vermin can chew through plastic piping in roofs and walls, causing small leaks that can be tricky to hear and see.


Constantly damp or wet areas in around the garden when there hasn’t been any rain recently is another tell tell sign you may have a burst pipe. Also patches of thriving grass when most of the garden is looking a little dry is another good indication that you may have a leak.


If water is discoloured or smelly when it comes out of your taps, it may be a sign of a corroded and possibly leaking pipe in your mains water system.


Have your water usage charges gone up dramatically without any obvious reason, like extra guests or watering of the garden during the drier seasons? If so, this is a good indication that you have a water leak on your property.


Have you noticed a new dripping or running water sound that won’t go away? Don’t ignore this one as it could be the sound of damage being caused by water leaking inside the walls of your home.

If you suspect a burst pipe and have checked out the list above, it’s time to call in help from your local trusted Gold Coast plumber, DCM Plumbing on (07) 5576 5305, we are fully licensed and insured and can attend to all emergencies the same day.

Blocked drains are a major inconvenience and something you want to take care of as soon as possible. Letting it go too long can lead to more costly plumbing work and may interfere with your ability to use your drains.

One of the leading causes of blocked drains is putting something down that shouldn’t go down. However, there are other causes of blocked drains and knowing what they are can help you prevent the problem and here at DCM Plumbing and Drainage, we can help.

When you shower or bathe, you naturally lose some hairs that go down the drain. Hair tends to collect in the drains and over time can build up to the point that you end up with a blocked drain.

Hair can also bind with other items that have gone down the drain, preventing it from being flushed down properly. Use a guard in your drain to collect the hair and prevent the issue.

Even with a quality garbage disposal unit, some things shouldn’t go down your kitchen drain. Fat and grease tend to coat the pipes, trapping other items that go down, leading to a blockage.

Rice and pasta absorb liquid and get bigger while coffee grounds and eggshells collect other debris and turn into globs that can easily block your drains. It’s best to put all food waste in the rubbish bin instead of the kitchen sink.

The leading cause of blockages, as mentioned above, is putting things into your drains that don’t belong there.

This can be because you don’t realise it’s a bad idea or because you have children who are experimenting in the drains. Either way, you can prevent a blockage by not flushing anything down the toilet except human waste and toilet tissue.

In the sink drains, avoid putting large amounts of dirt, pebbles, toys, stickers, and other small items down.

You don’t have a lot of control over this issue, but tree roots are one of the leading causes of blocked drains on the Gold Coast. If you have any kind of leak or crack in your pipes, large or small, it can lead to root build-up that can block the pipes and cause overflow in your drains.

Clearing those roots is a job best left to the professionals and we’re happy to help you get it done right.

If you have a blocked drain, call DCM Plumbing and Drainage for help right away. We can deal with it as an emergency if required.

Here at DCM Plumbing and Drainage, we pride ourselves on offering top notch plumbing and hot water services, not only during normal operating hours, but also in emergency cases.

Sometimes you may face a plumbing issue and it’s in the middle or the night or very early in the morning. We don’t want you to have to suffer until business opens. We want you to call us right away so we can come help. Here’s how you know you need an emergency plumber on the Gold Coast.

This is always an emergency because if there is water leaking into your home, you risk damage to your wood, flooring, furniture, walls and more. Standing water also presents health risks for you and your family. While you wait for us to get there, move as much out of the way of the water as you can so that there’s less damage and we can get to the source of the leak as soon as we arrive so we can get it stopped. If you can access your water main, turn it off so that you can stop the water while you wait for your plumber.

Good maintenance helps prevent blockages in your drains, but if you happen to experience one, it’s better not to let it go. It might not seem like an emergency, but if you wait too long to clear the blockage, you could be facing bigger issues, including backed up drains and water damage in your home.

The first thing to do in this case is not to flush the toilet or run any taps, washing machines, or dishwashers. Then give us a call so we can come figure out what’s going on. We can figure out what’s causing the water in your toilet to back up so that the proper repairs can be made. We can also help clean up the water so that your home is safe and sanitary when the issue is fixed.

Call DCM Plumbing and Drainage right away if you are ever having a plumbing emergency. We are here to help.

For more information, view our previous blog post on how to care for your pipes.

Having a reputable plumber on the Gold Coast that you can trust is important for ensuring that your plumbing system always works like it should.

Your pipes are an integral part of that system so you want to be sure they function at their best.

That’s why you need DCM Plumbing and Drainage on your side. We can help you keep yours running efficiently, but here’s what you can do yourself to keep them in optimum condition.


Higher water pressure will naturally put more wear and tear on your pipes than if you lower it a little bit.

Water pressure that is too high can lead to leaks in your pipes and the breakdown in parts in your taps, toilets, fridges and hot water units .

We can test the water pressure for you and install a pressure reducing valve if necessary


Oil and grease can lead to build up in your pipes, which can then lead to blockages and backed up drains.

Don’t even run them down a drain that uses a garbage disposal as this can still cause problems with your plumbing.

Instead, pour grease into the rubbish or into a tin and then throw it away.

You can also use a grease fighting dish washing liquid to help prevent blockages.


The only thing you should be flushing down the toilets in your home is toilet tissue and human waste.

Anything else can cause blockages and backed up systems. Even items that say they are flushable can be a problem and it’s always better to throw them in the trash instead.

Never flush baby wipes, nappies, sanitary wear, or medications down the toilet.

Clean the Pipes Regularly

This is a job that we can help you with. Even if you don’t have slow or blocked drains, a regular cleaning clears out sludge and built up debris, which can prevent future problems from occurring. This is also a good way to clean out hair, roots, mineral scale build up and grease out of your pipes. Regular maintenance is much more cost effective than waiting for a problem so let us help you create a maintenance schedule you can stick with.

For all repairs or routine maintenance call DCM Plumbing and Drainage at any time on (07) 5576 5305. We’re happy to provide free quotes.

For more plumbing information, read our previous blog on installing a pressure reducing valve.

Needing an emergency plumber in the Gold Coast area is never fun or convenient. But it happens to everyone so being prepared is the name of the game. A big part of being adequately prepared is having a reputable and trustworthy plumber that you can call. That’s where we come in.

Here at DCM Plumbing and Drainage, we can assist you with a huge variety of plumbing problems, even in an emergency. Here’s how to know it’s time to call us immediately.


It sounds like a no-brainer, but your drains are designed to drain. So, if they’re not, you have a problem.

And while it might not feel like an emergency, it’s best to give us a call right away, especially if your toilets are affected.

Slow draining water in the shower or sinks can be an early indication of a blocked sewer drain so you want to get it checked out as soon as possible.


If you have more than one toilet in your home, you can likely put this one off until normal business hours. However, if you only have one toilet, we need to get there right away.

A blocked toilet can happen for many reasons, but not being able to use your bathroom is both inconvenient and worrisome.

We are equipped to clear blockages quickly so call us anytime it happens.


Pipes can burst due to weather, age or impact. But no matter the reason, it’s not something to put off repairing.

A burst pipe can lead to standing water in your home and garden. Not only can this cause costly damage, but left for too long, it can lead to health problems as well.

Anytime you have a burst pipe or standing water anywhere in or around your house, it’s a plumbing emergency and we need to be there to help you ASAP.


Again, this might not seem like an emergency, but it can be. Leaking taps can quickly go from an inconvenient drip, to a steady stream, to running at full force.

Overtightening taps to stop the drip just deteriorates the seal that shuts off the water to the tap and will eventually mean that no amount of turning the tap handle will shut the water off.

So don’t wait until you can’t turn your taps off at all, call DCM Plumbing today to fix ASAP.

The Smell of Sewage

If you ever smell sewage in your home, it’s an emergency. You could have a blocked drain that can cause damage to your house and can compromise your health. This needs immediate attention.

Call DCM Plumbing and Drainage for any emergency plumbing problem in your home at (07) 5576 5305 or contact us through our website.

View our previous blog for more information on What To Do Before A Plumber Shows Up.

When you need to call a plumber in Burleigh Heads, you want one you can count on to come quickly and with a reputation that precedes them.

That’s why you should always call us here at DCM Plumbing and Drainage. We are the experts in all things plumbing and can fix issues from the very minor to the very major.

You’ve called the plumber, but what should you do now? Complete this list of tasks while you wait for the best results.

Have Answers to Questions

There’s a good chance that your plumber is going to ask you a couple of common questions before getting started on repairs or maintenance.

That includes a description of what the problem is, how long it’s been going on and what steps you’ve taken to fix the problem. Honest answers to these questions give your plumber a starting point for assessing the issue and getting it taken care of efficiently and promptly.

Know Where Plumbing is Located

Be sure you can point out your hot water heater, the water source and where the main water valve (stop cock) is housed.

This is important to know in case there’s a leak or the water needs to be shut off to do the repairs.

Knowing where everything is enables your plumber to get started immediately without having to waste time searching for important components of your plumbing system.

Clear Some Room for the Plumber to Work

Nothing is more tricky and time consuming than having to work in a cramped space where lots of household items are being stored and so it’s a nice thing to do to clear a space for your plumber to get the job done.

If your sink is the problem, clear out anything you keep in the cabinet beneath it. If it’s the toilet, move the toilet paper holder, the plunger, the bathroom rug and anything else in the general vicinity.

Keep Pets and Kids Out of the Way

Kids and pets are notorious for wanting to know what’s going on and getting under foot when things are happening.

Make your plumber’s job easier by shutting pets in another room or out in the garden and finding your kids something to do out of the way in another part of the house cialis prodaja.

Your plumber will thank you and you’ll enjoy a quicker and more productive plumber visit.

Give us a call at DCM Plumbing and Drainage at any time for help with just about any plumbing problem you’re having. Our number is (07) 5576 5305 or contact us through our website.

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