Hot water maintenance and what you should know for Winter

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Summer has officially ended for another year and while it’s still warm outside, now is the time to start thinking about your hot water maintenance. Hot water is crucial for our health and comfort, and the last thing you want once the weather gets cooler is to run out of hot water or have your hot water system fail on you unexpectedly.

We’re sharing with you our top 5 Hot Water System maintenance tips so you can show your system a bit of love, and it not only works more efficiently but also prolongs its life.

Check for cracks and leaks

The problem with most hot water systems is that they are usually tucked away in a cupboard or outside the house somewhere, so you’ll tend to not check on them too frequently. Pick a date once a month on the calendar and make it a monthly inspection to check for cracks, erosion or water leaks. You’ll be able to see a small crack or small water leak and pick up on it before it becomes a disaster and costs you a lot more once it’s worse.

Turn your tank system off if you’re going to be away for a while

If you’re only going away for a weekend or a week, it’s not something to be concerned with. But if you’re going away for several weeks, turning off the system can save your system some extra work and save your power bill. If the system isn’t turned off while you’re away, your system will continue to reheat even if the hot water taps are not being used.

Inspect the relief valve

A relief valve is a small valve on the hot water tank that prevents excess pressure build-up that has the potential to cause a tank to burst and flood your home. Because it’s designed to relieve pressure, it’s essential that it’s working correctly. It’s a good idea to check this every six months by following the manufacturers guidelines and lifting the relief valve lever to relieve the build up of pressure.

Be careful with gardening work around your system

If your system is on or near the lawn next to your home, be careful your whipper snipper or lawnmower doesn’t damage the pipes around your system. Even a bump from a lawnmower can cause cracks and dents and lead to leaks in the system and pipework.

Get yearly professional services

People’s biggest mistake with plumbing is waiting until something goes wrong or breaks before they ring a plumber. Having a plumber come to your home for a regular maintenance check up every 6-12 months can save you in the long run.  A professional plumber will be able to pinpoint any potential problems that could occur down the track.

They can also make sure your hot water system is running efficiently to increase the longevity of it. It’s a good idea to replace the sacrificial anode every five years because this can corrode and cause issues with your hot water cylinder. While the plumber is out, they can also check on filters for replacements and taps and shower heads for signs of wear and tear.

Running out of hot water in winter can be a complete disaster that no one wants to encounter. If you’re not sure about what condition your hot water system is in or would like some information about installing new hot water systems, give us a call so we can make sure your water continues to be hot all year round.

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