Hot Water System Servicing Gold Coast

Hot Water System Servicing Gold Coast

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It is recommended that a major service be conducted on your water heater every five years.

WARNING: Servicing of a hot water heater must only be carried out by a qualified plumber like a DCM plumber!

Note: The major service and routine replacement of any components, such as the anode and relief valves are not included in the manufacturer’s warranty. Our expert plumbers can carry out a major service when your hot water system reaches five years old. This will not only maintain your system for optimum performance but it will also increase the longevity of your hot water system, saving you money in the long run!

Our major hot water unit service includes the following:

  • Replace the temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Replace the hot water unit anode
  • Inspect and flush the cold water expansion control valve
  • Test water temperature in hot water unit and adjust if necessary
  • Test water temperature at tap to ensure tempering valve is working correctly
  • Visually check the unit for any potential problems
  • Visually check the heating element for signs of leaking
  • Inspect all connections for leaks
  • Check the drain line from the safe tray is not blocked
  • Check and replace batteries in Mildred valve if installed
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