Reduce High Water Pressure

Reduce High Water Pressure

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Do you have a water hammer and noisy pipework or are you always getting dripping taps or toilets?

If so, you could have excessive incoming water pressure! Our expert plumbers can carry out a simple test to determine if excessive water pressure is an issue in your home.

We can then supply and install a 500KPA pressure reducing valve to your incoming water mains to reduce the water pressure to protect your fixtures and pipework.

A pressure reduction valve can be a great addition to your piping systems. If your incoming water pressure is too high, this can put unnecessary strain on your water heaters, pipe work, plumbing joints, taps and washers.

Overly high incoming water pressure can increase the risk of burst hoses on your washing machine, water leaks, and possibly worsen any existing water hammer problems. The AVG pressure reduction valves (PRV) are factory set at 500 kPa but the downstream pressure is adjustable from 250 to 650 kPa.

There is a port on the body of the valve so that a gauge can easily be fitted to monitor the upstream and downstream pressure.

Should I have a pressure reducing valve installed at my property?

If you have high water pressure (over 500KPA) your plumbing infrastructure and fittings could be having some major problems.

Water which is being forced through your pipes at high pressure can cause the pipes it travels through to experience more wear and tear which leads to more frequent burst pipes, increased water hammer.

Overly high incoming water pressure also causes premature wear on your tap and toilet parts, and water using electrical appliances such as your ice maker fridges, dishwashers, washing machines and hot water units. It can also increase your water usage if restricted outlets have not been fitted in your home or business.

What will a pressure reducing valve do?

Water which is being forced through the pipes at high pressure before the valve, will be slowed down after the valve.
This can help to ensure that your pipes which the water travels through, experience less wear and tear, and also that any fittings or joints are not over-pressured, which can lead them to leak or come loose.

Why is my water pressure so high? Shouldn’t my local Council fix it and not me?

Water distribution systems in most Councils are spread out over great distances and over various elevations, which forces the water suppliers to ensure they provide enough pressure to adequately serve all its consumers. The flipside of this is that it means that some will likely be connected to a supply that is over and above optimal operating pressure.

Typically people are comfortable with water pressures in the 300 to 600KPA range; hence, most areas have incorporated into their local plumbing code a provision requiring a pressure reducing valve to limit the supply pressure to 500KPA.

In the City of Gold Coast’s case, all new homes must have a 500KPA pressure reducing valve installed at their water meter as part of the local plumbing code. Unfortunately COGC only takes responsibility for issues with your water supply before the water reaches your water meter, and not after. The Council only has to supply a minimum water pressure to your property and there is no maximum pressure restriction on their supply. Therefore protecting your property is your own responsibility. Let us help you!

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