Water leaks in the home are not just inconvenient; they can lead to significant damage if left untreated. Understanding the common causes of water leaks, from ageing pipes to faulty appliances, is key to early detection and prevention. 

This article explores these most common sources of leaks, offering insights to help you safeguard your home against unwanted water damage. Stay informed and prepared with our expert guide.

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The 8 Most Common Water Leak Causes

Throughout our careers as professional plumbers, we run into a lot of leaks. No doubt about it. Over time, we’ve noticed there are common causes that just keep popping up – and we don’t want to keep this information a secret! Here are the 10 most common water leak causes as identified during our many outings conducting our leak detection services

1. Deterioration of Piping

The deterioration of pipework is the most common cause of a water leak. This issue typically manifests as unexpectedly high water bills or unexplained puddles in the yard, as the issue usually happens underground. Regular monitoring of water usage and checking for signs of leaks in less visible areas can help in early detection and prevention of major pipe damage. If you do notice unusually high water bills or unexplained puddles in the yard, you’ll need to contact a plumber immediately. 

2. Burst Flexi Hoses

Flexi hoses are another extremely common cause of a water leak in a home. Usually found under sinks or used for appliances, these can burst unexpectedly. Keep an eye out for things like bulging, cracking, fraying, or corrosion. Regular checks and replacement at any sign of damage is essential. Installing pressure-limiting valves and isolation taps, choosing quality hoses, and shutting off the main supply when away can help prevent flexi hose bursts and subsequent water damage. Make sure to check your flexi hoses! You’ve been warned… 

3. Unruly Water Pressure

Excessively high water pressure can strain pipes, leading to leaks or bursts. If you suspect your water pressure might be high, you can monitor it by purchasing and attaching a pressure gauge to a spigot and taking a reading. If readings consistently exceed 500 kPa (72.5 psi), consider installing a pressure regulator to maintain a safe and consistent water pressure level. We recommend a range of 140-500kPa (20-72.5 psi) 

4. Poor Workmanship

Improperly installed plumbing can result in leaks. It’s crucial to hire qualified and experienced plumbers for any installation or repair work. If poor workmanship is suspected, have the plumbing system evaluated and corrected by a professional. But you can get it right the first time by contacting DCM Plumbing today! 

5. Broken Seals

Seals in appliances and fixtures can wear out over time, causing leaks. Regular checks and replacing broken or worn-out seals can help prevent leaks. For appliances like dishwashers or washing machines, look for puddles or condensation as signs of seal issues. Leaky taps are often the result of a damaged seal

6. Tree Roots

Root intrusion into pipes is a common cause of water leaks, particularly in areas with large trees. Regular inspection of the plumbing system and professional removal of invasive roots are essential to address this issue. It’s important to note that tree roots usually affect more than one fixture at the same time, as they can block primary drains so that almost nothing can pass through. Signs of tree roots causing issues include water backing up into a shower or floor grate and leaks around toilet pan seals. 

7. Rapid Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature shifts can cause pipes to expand or contract rapidly, leading to cracks. Insulating pipes, especially in areas prone to temperature fluctuations, can help prevent this issue.

8. Pressure Buildup in Water Heaters

Excessive pressure in water heaters can lead to leaks or cracks. Regularly inspect and maintain water heaters, adjusting settings as necessary, and ensure that safety valves are functioning correctly to prevent pressure buildup.

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