We’re officially into the cooler months, and there’s nothing better than a good hot shower with high pressure after a day out in the cooler elements. One of the most annoying things that can happen to hot water is when your hot water pressure is lacking, and you receive a trickle of water instead of the hot blast you were hoping for. Don’t despair; it’s a widespread problem and could be caused by a variety of reasons.


The build-up of scale and sediment in the hot water system

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an electric or a gas hot water system as sediment and scale can build up in both systems over time. The corroding particles of your tank’s interior will eventually settle on the bottom of the tank and find their way into your hot water pipes and can block the pipes.

Showerhead and taps

Sometimes it can have nothing to do with your pipes or hot water tank, and the low pressure could just be as simple as a blocked showerhead. If the pressure from other taps is ok, but not from your shower head, it could just be the showerhead that needs replacing. If you have suspected low pressure from one tap, it could be a tap washer that needs replacing. You can read about how to change a tap washer here.

Water leak

A hidden leak is definitely more of a concern. If you suspect a water leak, you’ll need to get a plumber out quickly, so your bills don’t skyrocket. Firstly, check if your water meter numbers are still spinning even when all the taps are off in the house. Check to see if the cause of the leak is the actual hot water system. The hot water system tank may be leaking or leaking in the pipes’ joints to the unit. Contact a leak detection service quickly to prevent further damage and expensive bills.

Shut off valve

If a shut-off valve is not entirely closed, there can be a reduction in water flow. Low water pressure could be due to one or more partially shut off valves that reduce the flow of water to your home’s outlets. These are usually located close to taps and other water outlets, and there is also a pressure release valve and a main water valve that can become lodged half open as well. Locating the faulty valve and rectifying the problem is a job for an experienced plumber.


The first step is to know the extent of the problem and try and locate what the exact issue is and where.

Read more about hot water maintenance tips.

If it’s a matter of changing a tap washer or a showerhead, you can most likely do this yourself with a few easy tips. However, if you suspect it has something more to do with a leak you can’t find, a blocked pipe or your hot water tank, you’ll need to contact the experts.

Causes of low hot water pressure may differ from one house to another, and specific plumbing configurations can vary in different types of house designs and house ages.

A professional plumber will be able to detect if your hot water pressure problem can be fixed or whether it is time for a completely new hot water unit to be installed.

Regardless of the make and model of your hot water system, DCM Plumbing Gold Coast can repair or replace a unit to keep your hot water running uninterrupted throughout all seasons and has upfront pricing for all hot water maintenance and repairs.

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