When you need a new hot water system what do you choose?

You could ring DCM Plumbing to ask what is considered the best type of hot water system on the Gold Coast, but it is best to do some in depth research to understand the different types of systems and their advantages and disadvantages.

Although solar powered hot water systems are growing in popularity, most people choose either electric or gas systems. Here’s a comparison to help you out.



• Convenient and easy to use
• Installation is easier and costs less
• Do not require additional ventilation for exhaust gases
• Power source is readily available


• More expensive in the long term
• No hot water in the event of a power cut
• Takes longer to heat up as water is used



• Heat water more quickly
• Designs are compact and save on space
• Lower operating costs make them cheaper in the long term
• Can work even when there is no electricity


• Initial installation is more expensive
• Installation is more complex (and extremely expensive if there is no gas supply to the property)
• Risk of gas explosion

How to Choose?

Power source

Sometimes the decision is made for you. If you are not connected to a gas supply, it might be cost prohibitive to arrange a connection. There could also be a considerable time delay while this happens cz-lekarna.com. In this case, an electric hot water system is the optimum choice because all homes are connected to the electrical grid.


There are two aspects to the cost – installation and running costs. The installation costs are a one-off so you can budget for this. The main concern though is how much it is going to cost you to have hot water on demand throughout the year. Gas is currently much cheaper in the long run so you may find that even though installation costs are higher, the payback is quicker due to operating savings.


This depends on the size of your household/family. If you use a lot of hot water, especially at peak times, you should opt for a gas system.

This is because gas systems have a much quicker recovery rate – this is the time it takes to heat up the water that has replaced the used water.

We are very happy to discuss the best hot water system for Gold Coast homes to help you decide. Give us a call, use our online enquiry form, or drop into our office.

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