Needing an emergency plumber in the Gold Coast area is never fun or convenient. But it happens to everyone so being prepared is the name of the game. A big part of being adequately prepared is having a reputable and trustworthy plumber that you can call. That’s where we come in.

Here at DCM Plumbing and Drainage, we can assist you with a huge variety of plumbing problems, even in an emergency. Here’s how to know it’s time to call us immediately.


It sounds like a no-brainer, but your drains are designed to drain. So, if they’re not, you have a problem.

And while it might not feel like an emergency, it’s best to give us a call right away, especially if your toilets are affected.

Slow draining water in the shower or sinks can be an early indication of a blocked sewer drain so you want to get it checked out as soon as possible.


If you have more than one toilet in your home, you can likely put this one off until normal business hours. However, if you only have one toilet, we need to get there right away.

A blocked toilet can happen for many reasons, but not being able to use your bathroom is both inconvenient and worrisome.

We are equipped to clear blockages quickly so call us anytime it happens.


Pipes can burst due to weather, age or impact. But no matter the reason, it’s not something to put off repairing.

A burst pipe can lead to standing water in your home and garden. Not only can this cause costly damage, but left for too long, it can lead to health problems as well.

Anytime you have a burst pipe or standing water anywhere in or around your house, it’s a plumbing emergency and we need to be there to help you ASAP.


Again, this might not seem like an emergency, but it can be. Leaking taps can quickly go from an inconvenient drip, to a steady stream, to running at full force.

Overtightening taps to stop the drip just deteriorates the seal that shuts off the water to the tap and will eventually mean that no amount of turning the tap handle will shut the water off.

So don’t wait until you can’t turn your taps off at all, call DCM Plumbing today to fix ASAP.

The Smell of Sewage

If you ever smell sewage in your home, it’s an emergency. You could have a blocked drain that can cause damage to your house and can compromise your health. This needs immediate attention.

Call DCM Plumbing and Drainage for any emergency plumbing problem in your home at (07) 5576 5305 or contact us through our website.

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