Having a reputable plumber on the Gold Coast that you can trust is important for ensuring that your plumbing system always works like it should.

Your pipes are an integral part of that system so you want to be sure they function at their best.

That’s why you need DCM Plumbing and Drainage on your side. We can help you keep yours running efficiently, but here’s what you can do yourself to keep them in optimum condition.


Higher water pressure will naturally put more wear and tear on your pipes than if you lower it a little bit.

Water pressure that is too high can lead to leaks in your pipes and the breakdown in parts in your taps, toilets, fridges and hot water units .

We can test the water pressure for you and install a pressure reducing valve if necessary


Oil and grease can lead to build up in your pipes, which can then lead to blockages and backed up drains.

Don’t even run them down a drain that uses a garbage disposal as this can still cause problems with your plumbing.

Instead, pour grease into the rubbish or into a tin and then throw it away.

You can also use a grease fighting dish washing liquid to help prevent blockages.


The only thing you should be flushing down the toilets in your home is toilet tissue and human waste.

Anything else can cause blockages and backed up systems. Even items that say they are flushable can be a problem and it’s always better to throw them in the trash instead.

Never flush baby wipes, nappies, sanitary wear, or medications down the toilet.

Clean the Pipes Regularly

This is a job that we can help you with. Even if you don’t have slow or blocked drains, a regular cleaning clears out sludge and built up debris, which can prevent future problems from occurring. This is also a good way to clean out hair, roots, mineral scale build up and grease out of your pipes. Regular maintenance is much more cost effective than waiting for a problem so let us help you create a maintenance schedule you can stick with.

For all repairs or routine maintenance call DCM Plumbing and Drainage at any time on (07) 5576 5305. We’re happy to provide free quotes.

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